Our History| Healed and Resilient People


Prison Fellowship Rwanda envisions a society where unity, peace, justice and inclusive development reign.


Prison Fellowship Rwanda mission is to contribute to the transformation of disadvantaged people through peacebuilding, livelihood, justice, psychosocial and spiritual resilience interventions.

Our Core Values

  • Core values

✓ We Value integrity,
✓ Mutual respect and spiritual resilient.
✓ We Value collaboration and partnership
✓ We value the people we serve
✓ We value Diversity and Inclusion

  • Strategic Objectives

1) To enhance peacebuilding and unity with the communities;
2) To promote access to justice and protection to the needy people;
3) To provide psychosocial support and spiritual resilience to the broken families
4) To provide livelihood support to the needy people
5) To strengthen the organizational capacity building

Prison Fellowship Rwanda Background

Prison Fellowship Rwanda works in partnership with the government of Rwanda and its relevant agencies, local and international organizations as well as UN agencies to foster interventions that support psychosocial healing, peace building and reconciliation., restorative justice, crime prevention, human rights promotion and legal aid, intervening in emergencies as well as nurturing socio-economic empowerment in Rwanda in the wake of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi and its aftermath. Since 2002, PFR activities expanded beyond prisons into communities focusing on instilling action-based psychosocial healing and practical reconciliation, reintegration of ex-prisoners into communities, fostering restorative justice among convicts of genocide and other crimes, victims/survivors and their families; promotion of human rights and legal aid among Rwandans as well as empowering communities to improve their well-being.


Our achievements are made possible by the generosity of our donors, sponsors, and partners. To us every resource is accounted for.

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In the confines of prisons, inmates are reached out through a discipleship program designed to lead them to true repentance and fulfilled lives.

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We provide child focused services while ensuring and strengthening access to justice and legal Aid to refugees and communities.

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