Societal Healing
| Healed and Resilient people

Since October 2020, Interpeace, in partnership with Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR), with funding from the European Union (EU) is implementing a programme entitled: ‘’Reinforcing community capacity for social cohesion and reconciliation through Societal Trauma Healing’’ in Bugesera District, in the Eastern Province. It is an initiative that offers a holistic approach to simultaneously address mental health issues, promote social cohesion, and stimulate sustainable livelihoods in this District.

The programme is initiating a Mental health and Psychosocial support network (MHPSS) at district level as well focusing on engaging different stakeholders working in the same domain to promote mental health, social cohesion and livelihoods at the country and district level as well as the population of Bugesera District.  This programme will also reinforce the mental health, social cohesion, and livelihoods. Through the partnership with the former National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), the Ministry of health. This programme will contribute to Rwanda’s efforts to address the invisible but deeply felt wounds, and complement the remarkable investment and progress already made by the government of Rwanda and local civil society organizations towards trauma healing, social cohesion and improved livelihoods.