Spiritual Resilience
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Prison Fellowship Rwanda reaches out to prisons with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 1995, we have witnessed many prisoners receiving Christ as their Lord and savior. With the help of a team of volunteers, we reach out to prisoners in all prisons of Rwanda through mass evangelism and evangelical programmes in prisons. The aim of sharing the gospel is to bring out change and spiritual transformation among prisoners, and prepare them for the effective community reintegration once they are released. Apart from distributing bibles, we strategically deliver the word of God through audio or video; offering the bible in a format that inmates can easily understand. Prison Fellowship Rwanda’s goal is to give hope and opportunity for transformation of inmates and encourage them to give their lives to God and therefore live a productive life.

The Prisoners’ Journey-TPJ

The Prisoner’s Journey programme is an innovative programme designed for prisoners through the partnership between Prison Fellowship International and Prison Fellowship Rwanda. This programme aims at restoring vertical relationship with God and horizontal relationship with fellows, their families and families of victims of various crimes, as well as community members in general. Prior to teachings, promotional events are organized at each of the prisons so that prisoners and prison leaders are informed about it and its positive impact on inmates, we reach out to prisoners in prisons with the gospel through teaching in small groups of 10-12 prisoners. In a period of 8 weeks course prisoners, by the help of two course leaders per each group we lead prisoners to discover themselves the person of Jesus Christ who is the fellow prisoner and brother to each of them by using the gospel of Mark and other didactic material, after the eight weeks, we close up the courses by graduation events in which graduates are awarded with certificates and full bibles for more discoveries of the truth. Graduates are invited to sign up for another programme called discipleship in which the majority of them join and benefit from practical skills on psycho-social and peacebuilding aspect that leads to truth revelation and repentance.


From 2019, among 8,754 graduates (men and women) from 9 prisons, 7,537 of them participated in the discipleship programme, some of the graduates wrote confession letters requesting for meeting with their victims for apology and repentance.