The Child's Journey


Child protection is an important element for children of prisoners programme with both caregivers and the children being trained in child rights and child protection issues. PF Rwanda ensures the children of prisoners are protected, that they live in safe environments. We ensure that children benefit from the basic level of recognition as citizen of their country and are able to access government services. Through regular home visits, children’s situations are assessed in order to provide adequate support in different areas including housing support.


For children to be effective in school, they need to be healthy, their families, especially caregivers need to be healthy and knowledgeable in this regard to promote healthy lifestyle even at home. PF Rwanda ensures that health focused training are conducted for both caregivers and children to prevent and address health related issues, to ensure that children are nourished and that children and caregivers have access to essential health services. We work directly with families to provide the neediest families with improved sanitation facilities.


PF Rwanda ensures children have access and resources necessary to participate in their local schools.  The Children of prisoners programme guides the parent or caregiver towards greater involvement with the child’s studies. This means they ensure daily school attendance, checking their books and taking an interest in the child’s school day. If the child has fallen behind in education as a result of their circumstances, we will support accelerated learning opportunities. Where truancy is a problem we work with caregivers and teachers to identify the cause and seek appropriate solutions. Common areas of intervention include supporting or assisting access to fees and tuition, securing school uniforms, stationery and books. We view partnership with schools as an important tool to track and improve school performance.


We aim to connect children and families with a local church community and facilitate communication between the child and their parent in prison. Counselling and psychological support are accessed where possible for children who are suffering from the effects of trauma, rejection and other issues and when resources permit. PF Rwanda provides opportunities for peer interaction, fun and recreation. Children are exposed to cultural and spiritual activities through a story, songs, dance, art and other activities, and have the opportunity to express themselves through writing, drawing or other medium. Include prison visit


We are committed to improving the lives of caregivers or parent through income generating activities. We endeavour to empower the families to earn a progressive descent living rather than living on dependency. Through caregivers saving groups, families are encouraged and supported to start small scare income generating activities to increase their income and, as a result, their abilities to provide for their children’s needs and set themselves up for future opportunities. Additionally, caregiver farmers are trained to expand and multiply their small gardens using modern farming techniques.